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V150P Vector21 Swim Spa Party Tub

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The Vector21 Series V150P is a huge party spa combining the features of a hot tub and swim spa in one space-age vessel. This unique hybrid design features eight massage seats with world-class hydrotherapy, as well as two explosive Whitewater-4 jets in the foot well for powerful leg and foot massage. Equipped with three additional Whitewater-4 jets at the swim end, you will enjoy aquatic fitness with the fully-adjustable flow control. Add a single tether or optional rowing kit for even more workout variations. Gather your friends and family and get your party on!

Size 150" x 90" x 50" 
Therapy Seats 8 multi-level seats
Dry Weight 1800 lbs.
Average Fill Weight 9,723 lbs.
Flow Rate 160 gpm (Swim End)
Jet Pumps 1 x dual-speed 160 gpm (Swim end)
1 x dual speed 360 gpm (Therapy Seats)
Shell Colors

Limited to Frost White to help with the manufacturing backlog due to Covid-19. 

Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, Frost White (pictured)

Cabinet Colors Barnwood and Cordovan
Barnwood Cabinets  Cordovan Cabinets


Vector21 Swim Spa Options:

Stereo: $900
Great for pool parties, relaxation and music therapy, the audio system includes a receiver, four surface speakers, and a subwoofer built into your swim spa. Featuring Bluetooth wireless connectivity, stream your favorite music, internet radio and more from your mobile device (such as a smartphone, tablet or iPod®)

Lighting Package: $500
Experience ultimate ambiance with a multipoint LED lighting! Supplementing your swim spa’s multicolor LED spa light, this upgraded lighting package builds additional multicolor LEDs into your spa, along with variable color modes and transitions. Practical benefits include increased nighttime visibility, enhanced visual impact and augmented stress relief and relaxation. Transform your swim spa into a luminous nighttime spectacle your guests will admire.

Frog @ease In-Line System: $450
Simplify your life with the easy to use chemical dosing system.  Read more.

Ozone System: $250
The ozonator with Mazzei injection is an optional feature on the Vector21 Swim Spas. After filtration, the water is infused with ozone gas (O3)—a natural oxidizer—to destroy waterborne microbes and bacteria at the molecular level. It also helps to remove dissolved organic compounds. Once the ozone has been used up, it reverts back into regular oxygen (O2). Adding the optional ozonator along with the optional in-line sanitation system on the V150 yields the most efficient water management system on the market.

Reistance & Rowing: $900
Swim tethers are included with your spa. But adding the optional Resistance & Rowing Kit provides even more workout options. A range of stretch-cord exercises are possible in or out of the water. The Rowing Kit includes two stainless steel ‘oar bars’ with stretch cords and easy-grip handles..

2-Cover Lifters: $700
Take it easy on yourself with optional Cover Companion cover lifts. Designed to fit your ATV-14, ATV-17, V150 or V150W swim spa, cover lifts makes it easier to open and close the covers on each end of the spa. Cover Companion (with extensions) mounts directly into the spa cabinet and frame, and requires 12 to 18 inches (31 to 46 cm) of clearance on each end of the spa, and about 4 inches (11 cm) of clearance on either side. Made from corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum.

Aqua Aerobic Step: $500
The Aqua Aerobic Step is tailor-made for your swim spa. Designed for years of regular use, this removable 8-inch tall (20cm), 35 pound (16kg) workout step is fully submersible and perfect for aquatic step aerobics. The textured-inlay tread surface offers excellent traction, and eight rubber feet in the base keep it secure while protecting the spa floor. Made from the same reinforced fiberglass used in ATV frames and coated in the same yacht-quality, co-bonded polymer resin used in ATV shells. Impervious to water and recommended spa chemicals. Available in Frost White, Sky Blue and Ocean Blue with a contrasting inlay color.

Wifi System: $500
With this option, as long as you have a clean, clear Wi-Fi signal, your swim spa will connect to the Cloud using your local Wi-Fi network.  Then, using the BWA app installed on your mobile device, remotely view swim spa temperature and settings, control pumps and lighting and schedule filtration cycles. Great for vacation homes or any situation where remote access is beneficial, such as turning your spa lights on before a nighttime swim. One year of Cloud Service is included.

Entry Steps for Vector Swim Spas: $1600
An extremely durable and heavy duty step that blends in and matches your Vector21 Swim Spa and forms to the curvature.  Available for the left or right of the swim spa.  Platform at the top and railing on the outside edges. Heavy Duty 1" topside material, similar to outdoor decking, is weather resistant to withstand Mother Nature and heavy loads.  While we strongly encourage these steps for swim spas, we understand they are an investment and have more economical options available. 75"W x 65"H x 31.25"D

Curved Storage Bench: $600
An extremely durable and heavy duty bench that blends in and matches your Vector21 Swim Spa and forms to the curvature.  Heavy Duty 1" topside material, similar to outdoor decking, is weather resistant to withstand Mother Nature and heavy loads.  49"W x 16"H x 15.5"D

Up to 60 month options available.    Click here  for financing options.

Financing Available

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