Swimming Pool Closings


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**PLEASE CALL THE STORE TO SEE AVAILABLE TIMES SLOTS. Otherwise, your closing will be fit in as the service department sees fit and contact you about your closing date.(804)-748-4330**

 Given the harsh climates that the Richmond, VA and surrounding area can endure, we recommend that most pools be winterized. Improper winterization can lead to extremely expensive repairs, so having a professional company winterize your swimming pool is an option that many of our customers choose. Text or call us at 804-748-4330 or e-mail service@swimnpools.com today for any questions.

What is Involved

  • Drain and Plug Lines
  • Blow Lines (if needed)
  • Remove ladders, diving boards, etc.
  • Drain the filter and pumps
  • Disconnect plumbing where needed
  • Install winter cover
  • Add winterization chemicals (if purchased separately)
  • Check for any failing or dangerous equipment

Responsibility of the Homeowner

  • Notify us of any special requirements your swimming pool may have
  • Let us know where your cover is
  • Pool should be clear and free and debris
  • Please note: If we are adding winterizing chemicals, we only add chemicals provided by Swim-N-Pools.
  • The home owner should provide at least 48 business hours notice in the event of a cancellation.

Upon ordering, our service department will contact you within one business day to setup an appointment.  If you have any questions, please contact our service department.

Additional Charges may apply for extensive closings and attached spas.  Our system should not allow you to purchase if you are outside of our service area, but in the event it does, your order may be cancelled and refunded.