Swimming Pool Opening

We open hundreds of swimming pools each and every year. The earlier you can get on the schedule, the more likely we will be able to accommodate a date and time of your preference. Below is a list of some of the tasks performed during your swimming pool opening service.

Basic Pool Opening Package Includes:

  • Removal of winter pool cover.
  • Cleaning of solid covers only and water tubes.
  • Winter cover will be folded for storage.
  • Removal of expansion device’s (e.g., Gizzmo’s from the skimmers)
  • Removal of any winterizing plugs from the pool’s return lines.
  • Inspect and install baskets and re-install jets and eyeballs.
  • Re-install pump and filter plugs on pool equipment.
  • Re-install any deck equipment (e.g., handrails, diving boards, and ladders.)
  • Start and check pool equipment functions (i.e., only if water level is up)
  • Cleaning of deck area and pool surface associated with cover removal.

Responsibility of the Homeowner

  • Customer should bring water up to acceptable level.
  • Having accessories out by the pool area.  If items are not by the pool area and stored in a different location, please advise the service department.  An additional charge may apply to the basic opening package.
  • Removal of water and leaves from cover prior to arrival.  See Additional Services if you would like this included with your opening package.
  • Providing access to power for the pump and equipment.

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