Safety Covers

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We offer a variety of Safety Covers, including but not limited to Loop Loc and Latham's CoverStar, to help get you the best deal.

Generally, safety covers are custom sized and made for each pool.

Solid vs Mesh Covers:

  • Solid covers cost and weigh more, however because they prevent anything from entering the water (including water and Sunlight), they tend to open easier than a Mesh Cover.  True solid covers require a cover pump to remove water from the cover.
  • Mesh covers are lighter and do not require a cover pump to remove standing water.  High quality mesh covers block most sunlight, but not all.  They are generally less expensive than Solid Covers.

 CoverStar 9000MX Mesh Cover:

Coverstar 9000MX
  • 99% shade, 7.9 oz weight – 25 year warranty
  • Engineered for maximum protection
  • Allows water through for drainage and safety while keeping sunlight and debris out
  • Available Exclusively in 9000MX design

    CoverStar 7000MS Mesh Cover:

    CoverStar 7000MS BlueCoverStar 7000MS GreenCoverStar 7000MS GreyCoverStar 7000MS Tan
  • 99% shade, 7 oz weight – 20 year warranty
  • Easy installation ultra-fine weave mesh
  • Allows water through for drainage and safety
  • Available in green, blue, gray and tan

    CoverStar 1000V Heavy Duty Solid Vinyl Cover:

    CoverStar 1000V Blue Solid CoverCoverStar 1000V Grey Solid CoverCoverStar 1000V Green Solid Safety CoverCoverStar 1000V Tan Solid Safety Cover

  • 100% sunblock, 12 oz weight –15 year warranty
  • Keeps out all debris and sunlight
  • Manufactured with single springs only
  • Available in green, blue, gray and tan

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