Our operations, at this time, are not impacted by the COVID-19 situation. We ask that you text, e-mail, or call when possible to assist in social distancing practices. We will be offering delivery soon, on items we have in stock, and expect to have seasonal stock by mid-April.

Full Swimming Pool Service

Full Service Plans Include:

  • 16 Weekly Cleanings   (additional length contracts may be available).
  • All Chemicals Included
  • Opening and Closing Included
  • Sand Change every 5 years with consecutive contracts
  • Discounts on repairs and equipment
  • Bonus Cleanings (for Parties and Weather)

We do not offer this service on above ground swimming pools, unless the pool is fully surrounded by pool level deck.

Additional weeks available at a per cost visit.  Bonus cleanings must be used during the 16 weekly cleanings, and may not be used to extend the contract.

A signed contract is required for this service.  Upon ordering, a contract can be e-mailed over.  In cases where pool volume is under reported by the customer, the difference will be billed.  We do not offer this service for commercial pools or pools over 70,000 Gallons.