Emotion Above Ground Swimming Pool

The Emotion Pool is a new blend of fresh good looks, great design, and long standing solidity. Comprised of silver brushed uprights and contrasting grey tones, the Emotion presents a visual style that will provide an attractive enhancement to your backyard enjoyment.


  • Wall: Deeply-corrugated steel designed for wide mouth skimmer
  • Top Rail: All Resin 7" top rail - offers maximum rigidity and weatherproof durability
  • Upright: 7" Steel
  • Resin Bottom Track
  • Top Connectors: 2 piece resin connectors provide precise fit and extra strength
  • Buttress free oval system - eliminates the need for angled side supports on oval pools. Saves up to 2.5 feet on each side of pool
  • Widemouth skimmer cut-outs

Swim-N-Pools sells aboveground packages that include everything you need for the aboveground, excluding: installation, electrical, water, and chemicals.  A discount for chemicals is offered at the time of purchase.  Our packages include:

  • Pump and Filter System
  • Beaded Liner
  • PVC Flex Pipe, Fittings, and Quick Disconnects
  • Maintenance Equipment, including Telescopic Poles, Wall Brush, Skim Net, Vacuum Head, and Vacuum Hose, Backwash Hose, and Thermometer.
  • Your Choice of an A-Frame Ladder or Deck Ladder

The emotion is available in multiple wall heights (52" and 54").  We recommend the 54", unless there is a reason for wanting to stick with a 52", such as replacing an existing 52" swimming pool.