Emotion Above Ground Swimming Pool


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Wall Height

Please contact the store directly to make sure the pool you want is in stock 804-748-4330 Please understand that if a pool purchase is made without calling us first, your order is subject to cancelation or longer wait periods that can extend for weeks/months.

Pricing is for the Pool Kit Only. (See below for what's included in the Kit).  Installation is not included.  Swim-N-Pools does not provide Installation, however we can refer you to local installers.  Shipping is pickup only, but the installers we refer you to will pickup your pool from us.  We will contact you after placing your order.  Some sizes may have lead times of up to 1 month, while others may be ready for pickup within 1 business week.  If you need the pool quickly, please call or text us at 804-748-4330, so we can confirm our distributors have the size in stock.

The Emotion Pool is a new blend of fresh good looks, great design, and long standing solidity. Comprised of silver brushed uprights and contrasting grey tones, the Emotion presents a visual style that will provide an attractive enhancement to your backyard enjoyment.


  • Wall: Deeply-corrugated steel designed for wide mouth skimmer
  • Top Rail: All Resin 7" top rail - offers maximum rigidity and weatherproof durability
  • Upright: 7" Steel
  • Resin Bottom Track
  • Top Connectors: 2 piece resin connectors provide precise fit and extra strength
  • Buttress free oval system - eliminates the need for angled side supports on oval pools. Saves up to 2.5 feet on each side of pool
  • Widemouth skimmer cut-outs

Swim-N-Pools sells aboveground packages that include everything you need for the aboveground, excluding: installation, electrical, water, and chemicals.  A discount for chemicals is offered at the time of purchase.  Our packages include:

  • Pump and Filter System
  • Beaded Liner
  • PVC Flex Pipe, Fittings, and Quick Disconnects
  • Maintenance Equipment, including Telescopic Poles, Wall Brush, Skim Net, Vacuum Head, and Vacuum Hose, Backwash Hose, and Thermometer.
  • Your Choice of an A-Frame Ladder or Deck Ladder

The emotion is available in multiple wall heights (52" and 54").  We recommend the 54", unless there is a reason for wanting to stick with a 52", such as replacing an existing 52" swimming pool.

We do not recommend salt systems on aboveground swimming pools.  Find out why by clicking here.

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact us.  Call or text us at 804-748-4330, e-mail us at sales@swimnpools.com, or stop by.