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Spa Manufacturing Update

Due to demand and material shortages, special order hot tubs are taking 50+ weeks to ship.  We have orders placed throughout the year.  View what we have and have coming in by  clicking here.

 Estimated Production Timelines for Special Order Hot Tubs:

Sundance Spas (as of  6 /4 /2021) special orders are out into mid-late 2022.
Marquis Spas (as of 6/2021) special orders are out into late 2022.
ATV Swim Spas (as of 6/2021 ) special orders are out into late 2022.
Nordic Hot Tubs (as of 6 /23 /2021) special orders are into early 2023.

All time frames listed here are estimated.

Click here to visit see what spas we have in stock and on-order.