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2020 Spa Manufacturing Update

Spa Manufacturers, nationwide, are working nonstop to try to keep up with the demand for Hot Tubs.  Due to the shutdowns, limited worker capacities, and a overwhelming surge in demand for hot tubs, there are very large wait times for special order hot tubs.  View what we have and have coming in by  clicking here.

 Estimated Production Times for Special Order Hot Tubs:

Sundance Spas (as of  3 /14 /2021) special orders are out into Q12022.
Marquis Spas (as of 3/14/2021) special orders are out into Q1 2022.
ATV Swim Spas (as of 3/14/2021 ) special orders are out into Q1 2022.
Nordic Hot Tubs (as of 3 /14 /2021) special orders are out into Q1 2022.

All time frames listed here are estimated.

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