V174S Vector21 Swim Spa

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The V174S comes in at 14.5 feet long with 56 inches in height and a water depth of 48 inches. With 27 jet pods this pumps up the workouts for maximum power. Just imagine swimming or jogging in place against two, four, or even six Whitewater-4™ swim jets. Pure exhilaration with true health benefits and the ability to choose your best experience daily.

Size 174" x 90" x 56" 
Therapy Seats 4 multi-level seats
Dry Weight 2,325 lbs.
Average Fill Weight 15,669 lbs.
Flow Rate 160 gpm / 240 gpm
Jet Pumps

1 x dual-speed 160 gpm
1 x dual speed 240 gpm
1 x dual speed 240 gpm 
6 Whitewater-4 jets 

Shell Colors

Silver Marble

Cabinet Colors Barnwood and Chestnut
Barnwood Cabinets Cordovan Cabinets


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Up to 60 month options available.  Click here for financing options, available with approved credit.

Financing Available

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