Swimming Pool Filter Sand Change

$325.00 $350.00

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Residential Sand Filters Only.  Commercial filters please call, text (804-748-4330) or e-mail us at service@swimnpools.com.

Discounted to $325 from November - March as an off-season rate.

Maintaining sand is vital for proper filtration and circulation.  Whether you just can't get your pool clear, or you just had a really bad algae bloom, a sand change might be necessary.  Sand filters are a great option, and sand can last for 3-5 years, however the process of changing the sand can be tedious.  Our sand change service is an extremely valuable option to save you the time and headaches associated with changing your sand.

What's included:

  • We'll remove the current sand from your filter (we can dump the sand in a designated spot or you can choose for us to haul-away the sand at an additional charge).
  • We will inspect the laterals, and recommend changing them if deemed necessary (you need to provide us with Make and Model to ensure we bring the correct items).
  • New sand will be added. Each 50lb bag is an additional $12.99 which is NOT included in the service. 

Because of the time this service takes, we have an in-season rate and an out of season rate.  Please note: We cannot do sand changes when the sand is frozen, typically in the months of January and February. 

If your sand change is not urgent, consider waiting until after most customers close their swimming pools to have your sand changed for savings with our out-of season rate.

**An additional disposal fee may be added of $30.00 if we have to haul away the old sand**