Free Water Sample (for Deliveries and Services Only)

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We will come out to your house, and pickup a water sample.  The results can be e-mailed or called.

Free with purchase of $50 or more.
Just pay for delivery for purchases under $50.

If you have a pool and a spa, please add this item to your cart for each.

This item is delivery only.  If you add it to your cart, you will no longer have the free store pickup option for purchases under $50.

If you are not a current customer (have never had a water test with us before), we will contact you to get information about your pool, hot tub, or swim spa before we come out (Volume, Chemicals, Conditions, etc.)


Swimming pools must be filtering (or circulating) for 24 hours prior to being tested.  Think of it as mixing up everything.  Without this, the test will show different results, depending on where you take the sample.

Extremely discolored pools cannot be tested, and should be treated first.  (e.g., if the sample is beyond a tint of a color or if very little light will not pass through the sample)