V174K Vector21 Swim Spa

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Exclusive to the V174K Kona swim spa are the Whitewater-4 Plus jets. Only in our top-tier Kona swim spa, the Whitewater-4 Plus jets utilize a special entrainment port to significantly boost the efficiency of each swim jet. From 100 gpm to 125 gpm with a total of up to 750 gpm from the six swim jets. It’s a unique feature and another example of Marquis’ elegance and innovation.

Size 174" x 90" x 56" 
Therapy Seats 4 multi-level seats
Dry Weight 2,325 lbs.
Average Fill Weight 15,669 lbs.
Flow Rate 160 gpm / 360 gpm
Jet Pumps

1 x dual-speed 160 gpm
1 x dual speed 360 gpm
1 x dual speed 360 gpm 
6 Whitewater-4 jets 

Shell Colors

Silver Marble

Cabinet Colors Barnwood and Chestnut
Barnwood Cabinets Cordovan Cabinets


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Up to 60 month options available.  Click here for financing options, available with approved credit.

Financing Available

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